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How a strong brand device & architecture system can provide flexibility for future innovation

by Simon Ellis

In a competitive and ever-expanding marketplace, establishing a distinctive brand identity is essential for businesses aiming to shine brightly among their competitors.

A powerful brand device serves as a guiding star, illuminating the way to brand recognition. However, the true magic happens when this brand device stretches seamlessly across a diverse range of products as shown here on Unilever owned Comfort. The "Material Label" device holds the logo within a clear white space, standing out and popping off the pack amidst colourful and bright backgrounds. (and don't miss the smile shape of the brand name either.. This is an intentional subtle technique used a lot in Branding to exude positivity!)

Such a cohesive approach not only strengthens brand recognition but also provides greater flexibility for the future growth of the portfolio. With this strong identity, the brand can introduce more diverse and bright patterns that reflect the fragrance of the new variant, whilst maintaining brand cohesion.

Harnessing the power of a unified brand device can illuminate a path that not only leads to increased recognition but also radiates the warmth of customer loyalty and enduring success.

Now that's comforting.

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