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👨‍🎨 For those "Fast show" lovers out there....

by Simon Ellis

Johnny: Yes, it's very dark, isn't it? It's, er, almost... black.

Wife: Johnny!

Johnny: Yes, I shall... I shall need to get the black out.

Wife: Johnny!?

Johnny: Yes. Black. Black. Black! Like the clouds of death that follow me into the Forest of Doom! And hide in the wardrobe of darkness! Black! 😂

In recent years, black has become, in some instances,

a lazy shortcut for brands looking to create a sense of elegance,

sophistication, and premiumness-NESS! But as shown in Minute Maid's recent pack redesign, black can actually be more than that. It can be really colourful and playful (Hear that Johnny...? 😎) but it must be used in the right way!

Here are a couple of my personal observations…

1. Integration… The black brand mark, once awkward and detached, has become an integral component of the design while still subtly reflecting Minute Maid's commitment to quality (sophistication & premiumness-NESS!). With a more sympathetic and integrated design, it now stands out on the shelves, remaining recognisable to existing consumers, but also appealing to a new, potentially younger audience.

2. Standout… The black background is now paired with

bold, colourful imagery of fruit and bold colour. The use of black here is particularly effective because it provides a strong sense of contrast and depth. The black background makes the images of the fruit pop, creating a visually stunning effect.

So Johnny… Black doesn't have to be “Like the clouds of death that follow me into the Forest of Doom” or boring. The use of bold and vibrant colours alongside black creates a dynamic and engaging look that can be anything but dull.

Well done Minute Maid. 👏

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